Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wikiproject

After the completion of the EVO 2009 sessions this year, I approached my assistant director with the idea of starting up an institutional wiki. My conceptualization of it was a place for faculty collaboration across our EAP program, especially since the majority of our teachers are part-timers. We are like many ships passing in the night, and there is rarely a time when we meet together and discuss what is going on in our classes. I thought that the wiki could be a way to virtually unite us, a place where we can share resources, insights, ideas, concerns, etc. I also think through exposure and manipulation of a faculty wiki, our faculty could get accustomed to the wiki as a potential tool for their classrooms. Perhaps from there other projects and collaborative efforts could spring up.

The assistant director then asked me to write a proposal for said wiki. This has stumped me. I'm not sure exactly what should be in the proposal nor what the proposal should look like. After two months of silence in my blog, I decided that I would start to blog as I work on this "Wikiproject." The blog is the springboard for my thoughts and ideas about the proposal, like an organized brainstorm. I also welcome any insights, comments, or ideas.

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