Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Tutorial using Jing

I am nearly ready to create the tutorial I promised for the Enhancing Lessons Yahoo Group! I've been looking through some of the basic features of and have made list of what I want to include in the tutorial. I have not yet tried to make a video tutorial using Jing, so this will be my first. Most of the features that I plan to highlight in the tutorial will be basic ones, that many people may already know about.

Here is what I plan to cover:
  • creating an account
  • importing bookmarks
  • installing and using the bookmarklet tool
  • organizing your bookmarks
  • a little bit about tagging
  • networking with other users
  • subscribing to tags
I think that Jing only allows 5 minute video tutorials, I likely will not be able to fit everything in at one time. I expect to finish it by this weekend.

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